Leading and managing teams of all sizes to meet specific needs has indeed been one of the experiences I have most enjoyed.

In this capacity, I coordinated and facilitated workshops, seminars, retreats, and other large and small events. I developed presentation material for and conducted training sessions with, volunteer teachers and administrative staff members. Another aspect I discovered in this non-profit setting was the importance of nurturing strong, positive interpersonal skills; highly valuing each person and his/her contribution is vital.

Meet Gloria

As The Founder…

of Superior VA Solutions, LLC, I bring a diverse background and unique perspective to my practice. I've spent several years employed in the non-profit sector, where I discovered that I thoroughly enjoyed:

  • Working with a broad spectrum of people and
  • Managing a varied portfolio of the project.

Since the non-profit sector depends heavily upon a large volume of volunteers to accomplish its goals, the opportunity to lead and serve within this framework has been invaluable to me.

In the corporate sector I gained experience using the latest technology, tools, and expert processes.

The list of associates and colleagues include a diverse group of professionals, including attorneys, executive management consultants, Ph.D. scientists, researchers, human resource professionals, IT consultants, recruiters, sales professionals, small business owners, executives at all levels of management, and other administrative professionals. My experience includes more than eight years in the executive search industry where I held the position of manager, administration. The experience gained from working in this sector has excellently paved the way for my working with the successful small business owners, entrepreneurs, and consultants who are my clients today.

I completed a comprehensive training program through the leading organization for training, coaching and referring Virtual Assistants, Assist University.

I am pleased to be a part of the dynamic e-commerce industry as I work in the B2B sector as an administrative solutions provider. I continue to meet great people, make interesting connections and exciting discoveries. I'm enjoying the tremendous achievements realized by my clients and myself... and the story continues!

I was a contributing blogger for TheVirtualWire, a blog designed to connect clients with all aspects of the virtual assistance world. The Virtual Wire was written for entrepreneurs, consultants, and small business owners who were dedicated to virtual working partnerships.

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