You can expect Peace of Mind Partnering because SVAS most highly values:

  • Honesty - Committed to integrity in each endeavor.
  • Loyalty - Committed to serving the best interests of others.
  • Trustworthiness - Committed to building mutually trusting relationships.
  • Professionalism - Committed to excellence and skillful expertise.
  • Conscientiousness - Committed to a strong, healthful work ethic.
  • Compassionate - Committed to genuine regard for others.
  • Innovativeness - Committed to finding better methods of "getting it done."
  • Intelligence - Committed to life-long learning and reaping its benefits.
  • Laughter - Committed to nurturing fun and finding enjoyment in all endeavors.

An Ideal Client…

  •  Is honest, full of integrity, strongly committed to a high ethical standard of practice in all activities.
  •  Is comfortable with openness and appreciates the need for exceptional and regular communication.
  •  Has no problem with delegating appropriately, and clearly sees the tremendous value it brings.
  •  Accepts the value of a trusting, collaborative "partnership" and is willing to build such.
  •  Knows how to treat colleagues as equals and appreciates the unique value of each.
  •  Possesses a business-oriented vision that brings a level of fulfillment and accomplishment.
  •  Wishes to enjoy more... time, energy, balance, resources, freedom, and laughter!

Peace of Mind Partnering